SUIFF advanced kit


The perfect pack for those who practise sport regularly, are familiar with force training and require a high level of work out. Improve your performance and protect yourself from injuries.

Android 4.3 or higher / IOS not available yet. GPS and Bluetooth Low Energy device needed.

Mobile device or tablet not included in the pack

VAT included
Choose the color of your sensor:
  • Dorado
  • Plateado

Dimensions (with packaging) 225x225x285mm
Weight Total Kit 2.8 Kg
1 SUIFF Sensor
1 SUIFF Light R2 resistance band
1 SUIFF Medium R4 resistance band
1 SUIFF Extra Heavy R6 resistance band
1 SUIFF Ultra Heavy R7 resistance band
2 Handles
2 Ankle straps
1 Door anchor
1 Universal anchor
1 SUIFF carabiner
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