SUIFF Beginner Kit


The appropiate pack for those who start practising sport or have little experience in force training. Ideal to improve your physical condition and avoid injuries.

Android 4.3 or higher / IOS not available yet. GPS and Bluetooth Low Energy device needed.

Mobile device or tablet not included in the pack

VAT included
Choose the color of your sensor:
  • Dorado
  • Plateado

Dimensions (with packaging) 225x225x285mm
Weight Total Kit 2.4 kg
1 SUIFF Sensor
1 SUIFF Light R2 resistance band
1 SUIFF Light to Medium R3 resistance band
1 SUIFF Heavy R5 resistance band
2 Handles
2 Ankle straps
1 Door anchor
1 Universal anchor
1 SUIFF carabiner
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